When Do You Realize You've Bought The Wrong Car?

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There’s a right car for everyone. But not everyone buys the right car for them.

I remember driving down the interstate late one night in my soon-to-be-destroyed Lexus ES300 and I felt completely invisible. To the rest of the world, I was just some shmuck in a dressed-up old Camry, not to be seen.


For a moment, it felt like power. It felt like relief from the constant attention I’d get in my old Baja Bug.

But then it just felt weird. It was a fun car to try on, but it wasn’t as wild and bizarre and engaging as I wanted.


Not long after that, the Lexus was in a junkyard.

Have you ever had a moment when you realized you’d bought the wrong car?

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sm70- why not Duesenberg?

From an enthusiast standpoint, the moment you walk inside without so much as a second glance back at your ride.

Over a year in, I still turn and look back at my car nearly every time.