When Did "Consistency" Overtake "Quality" As Job One With The Ford Edge?

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FoMoCo's still parroting the line that "the manufacturing process and the supply base aren't to the level of consistency and stability we'd like to see" as Ford's manufacturing boss, Joe Hinrichs, said to trade pub Automotive News when he was again asked what's up with the delay of the new Ford Edge. Yet AN's learned it's got more to do with the quality level of the parts coming in to the manufacturing center in Oakville, Ontario — as opposed to, you know the consistent nature by which those parts are coming in. Specifically, the parts they're having a problem with are outlined in:

"A Nov. 10 company memo pinpoints five parts problems that caused lost production. The problems listed are fuel-filler neck quality, hydrobush leak, quarter-trim warp, Lincoln THX audio speaker pop and all-wheel-drive rear-bearing noise."


Hmm, that all sounds to me like a "quality" problem more than a "consistency" problem — but again, "consistency" is the new "quality", isn't it? More views of the Ford Edge available via the gallery below.

This image was lost some time after publication.

Parts problems contribute to Edge delay (sub. req.) [Automotive News]

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