Breaking! FoMoCo Tells Dealers Its Pushing Back Launch Of Ford Edge And Lincoln MKX

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The Dearborn-based automaker informed dealers today that the Edge-based recovery of FoMoCo cited by Mark "Movie Star" Fields was going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Joe Hinrichs, FoMoCo's veep for NorAm manufacturing, claims that they're going to need a few more weeks to iron out some "supplier issues." Hinrichs was quick to point out that quality's still job one at FoMoCo, this problem's more about the consistency of the product going out. Umm, wait a second — let's parse that press flack comment. It's not the quality, it's the consistency. So technically it could be the consistency of the quality that's holding things up, right? This makes me feel real good about driving one of those new in-consistent Lincoln MKX's tomorrow.


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