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When All The Cool People Had A Mercedes Gullwing

Jay Leno didn't believe in the 300 SL until he bought one that was missing its engine and transmission, but having this faded Cherry Red sports car certainly turned him into a Gullwing fan. This was the one to have in the fifties.


If you were lucky and smart enough to grab a 300 SL a few years back, you made the right move because the price of these cars went up as quickly and steeply as McLaren F1s or Toyota 2000 GTs.


The cool thing about Mercedes-Benz is that they remanufacture all classic parts using the original blueprints and their standards, and while those never come cheap, this endless supply turns even the worst basket cases into doable projects.

Jay's Gullwing used to be a race car, but fortunately enough never got hit. They will do a full restoration on it at some point, but for now, he just enjoys getting in the world's first serial production fuel-injected car that could do 150+mph. With a four-speed.

Thanks America! This car could have not happened without your millionaires!

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Cool people:

Sophia Loren.

Clark Gable.