What's Your Most Expensive Car Repair?

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While $18,000 for a relatively minor fender bender is ridiculous, it's an expensive car. That said, we've seen repair bills wildly exceed the value of the car itself. Commiserate with us. What's your most expensive car repair?

Ben Wojdyla, not surprisingly, has us all topped on this one. We've had some expensive repairs, but his uncommon 740 Volvo diesel endured an uncommonly pricey experience. A victim of its own uniqueness, the car was purchased for $2,000 and not long after purchase, there were transmission issues. Two months later the problem was sorted out. The total cost of getting it to work? About $1,700. As a percentage of the value of the car it's 85%. For all that scratch he could have just purchased a $3,700 car.


What about you? Shock us with the final bill price. What's your priciest car repair bill?

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Scandinavian Flick

I just got my car back last week from its notorious E46 subframe repair. It is a known issue (one that BMW got sued for) that is now covered. I still think it counts though, considering the price of the repair comes in at $6500. I bought the car for $7500, so I almost doubled its value... Especially since I just put $1000 worth of wheels and tires on it too... #qotd