Nissan GT-R Hits Tow Hitch, Causes $18,000 Repair Bill

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A UK driver took his Nissan GT-R head-first into a stopped-too-fast van's tow hitch. It caused what you'd think would be fairly minor damage, until you count the pedestrian safety system going off. Total repair bill? An astonishing $18,355!

The GT-R tax is alive and well in parts as much as it is in fully-assembled vehicles in this tale of horror from the British Isles. The driver recounts a chain reaction accident were a car up ahead slammed on the brakes, the van in between did the same and despite the GT-R's massive capabilities, the driver couldn't stop quite quick enough and tapped the van's tow hitch with the front bumper. The minor crack in the fascia was the only physical damage, but it was enough to set off the pedestrian safety system, which deployed two, one-time use rams which raised the hood to provide a cushioning gap for the pedestrian who wasn't there. The repairs required new hood hinges, new hood rams, a new electronic controller for the pedestrian safety system, and of course replacing and paint-match the damaged bumper. The owner took the car in and came out with a whopper of a bill: £11,000, or in US currency, $18,355.


Two things. First, we'd have yanked those hood rams, welded the hinges back in place and called it good. Second, $18,355! Were the parts made of solid platinum? We knew the cost of ownership was a bit much from the $2,000 regular Nissan GT-R service cost, but this is ridiculous. [GT-R Register]

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