Routine 18,000 Mile Nissan GT-R Service Price Tag: $2,000!

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Edmunds Inside Line recently took their long-term Nissan GT-R in for routine 18,000-mile maintenance. Total price tag? An astonishing $2,009.67! Talk about yer high cost of ownership, eh?

Why's it cost so much? Well, for the most part, everything's par for the course — an oil filter for $6.95, six quarts of Mobil 1 Synthetic oil for $9.38 per quart. All pretty standard. Then you get to the GT-R-specific automatic transmission fluid. The lists price? $114.98 per quart. Yup, you read that right. Want to know how many quarts it takes? How about 10 quarts! Luckily, Edmunds Inside Line only needed eight and they got their tranny juice at a discount — only $84.24 per quart. But that still helps them get to a horriful (yup, there's that new made-up word again) price of $2,009.67. Talk about a needy little beast, eh? Check out the rest of the tab at Edmunds Inside Line.


Photo Credit: UnderPressure @ NAGTROC

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And the e46 M3 gets a $1,400 service every 24k miles... And we had some splan'in to do with our wives on that one...

Granted we kinda have a legit reason, we have mechanical lifters and not self adjusting hydrolics, so we can rev to 8k rpm all day long.

I see this as the price of the DSG... no one else has been able to get that much power from a DSG reliably.... then again Nissan is not doing that well on that either..