What's Your Greatest Automotive Shame Story?

Ever blow an engine during hard driving? Screw up a transmission you were rebuilding? Buy some godawful lemon-y piece of garbage you regret even today? Drive an E30 BMW into a pole that was right in front of you?


We all have our failures and our shortcomings. That can extend to the cars we love, too, and sometimes it makes for some interesting stories. That's what I'm asking this weekend: What's your greatest automotive shame?

I have a couple. My first car was a Corolla. I know how cars work inside and out, and I can take care of a lot of repairs myself like any good Jalop, but I'm far from being the greatest mechanic in the world. And I get insanely car sick when I have to ride passenger. I'm kind of embarrassed about that last one, but there's nothing I can do about it besides avoid reading in a car at all costs and insist on driving. I almost lost my lunch riding shotgun in a Range Rover recently for that reason.

Oh well, it just gives me an excuse to be the one behind the wheel. It's the more fun place to be anyway.


Share your most shameful automotive tales with us below. Don't worry, we won't judge you. Too much.

Photo credit Karl Holland

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