Though we'll probably never have a "Maximum Van Day," yesterday's hard-living QOTD got us thinking about vans and vanning. Though the idea mostly died out in the 1970's in this country, the spirit of the van has lived on in Japan and in the hearts of anyone that owned a Supervan 2 matchbox car. Whether it's something small like the Mitsubishi Town Box, the gigantic and world-destroying A-Team GMC or Julie Nimoy's Silhouette, vans are rad.

Personally, we took a long trip in our grandfather's turquoise Ford Windstar around Texas that was a lot of fun (a seven passenger van easily fits 15, for the record). But that's not quite our style. We've been waiting for US import laws to change, and money to fall from the sky, so that we could buy our own Mitsubishi Delica Exceed from Japaoind and drive semi-off-road through the Hill Country with our cold ones chilling in the built-in minifridge. Dare to dream fellow Jalopniks.