With the Frankfurt Motor Show around the corner we're ready for wild concept cars from what's shaping up to be a European Tokyo Motor Show, but will they see the light of day? What's your favorite unrealized concept car?

If we have to choose a favorite, it would be the insane Dodge Tomahawk concept — a four-wheeled motorcycle featuring a 500 HP Viper V10 wedged underneath the seat. With a claimed top speed of 350 MPH (attainable, apparently, only by the suicidal), it was a car far more dramatic and creative than anything achieved by science fiction, showing a creativity and bravado that somehow disappeared at the company shortly after its appearance.

Though the company did sell ten non-running versions in the Neiman Marcus catalog for a small fortune ($550K a pop), no functioning versions were ever sold. Whether market-feasible or not, the Tomahawk would have created a level of excitement for Dodge not seen since the Viper itself.

What about you? What's your favorite concept car that never materialized into a production vehicle? If you need help, check out our concept cars tag.


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