What's Your Favorite Ugly-Sexy Car?

We've always had women tell us they found certain men "ugly sexy." There's an old joke that goes "If Mick Jagger were a cab driver, he'd be the ugliest man alive. But he's a rockstar and every girl thinks he's sexy." We're big fans of Lyle Lovett's talents, but it's a mystery to us how he got Julia Roberts to marry him unless he fits into that "ugly sexy" mold. If you think about it, it's the same with certain cars. The Aston Martin Lagonda is kind of hideous and unbearably attractive all at the same time. We can't keep our mind or hands off of the Intermeccanica Murena though it's clearly off in some serious ways.


We're of the belief that most Saabs, especially the 900-series, managed to be Swedish and sexy and strange all at the same time. You ever notice how awkwardly proportioned a Ferrari Enzo is in profile? Still, wouldn't you go dragon for it in a second? But that's us. Ugly-sexy is a very subjective trait. What's your favorite ugly-sexy car?

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