Yes. I wish you could have heard the sound of my head exploding the other day as I stumbled across this absolute gem. It is simultaneously both the manliest car ever made and a first-ballot Fantasy Garage inductee. Actually, I am not even going to bother putting the Murena up to a vote because a single "no" would crush my heart. And you slobs are not to be trusted. Just look at this thing! What we know is very little, but here it is. The Murena 429 GT debuted at the New York Auto Show in 1969. The world's sexiest ever shooting-brake featured a 429-horsepower Ford 429, rich leather seats, deep pile carpets, an 8-track with 4-speakers, a 25-gallon tank with a cruising range of 450-miles and a cut glass bar in the rear. Only 11 were built. Case closed, end of story, I quit. Seriously, why am I not rich? Oh, and Intermeccanica also built a Mustang station wagon just before the Murena, naturally.

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