With Wert and Ben already there and Spinelli on his way to the land of school girl panties in vending machines really good noodles to cover the Tokyo Auto Show, we're going a little Japan crazy. As you probably know, the super good most #1 car maker in the world is now Toyota, who for the first time ever passed the General as world's biggest. Toyota has also been selling cars in the USA since 1957. That means that Toyota has sold us a hell of a lot of cars. But which one do you like the best? Today we saw not one but two last generation Supras, one of which had an exhaust pipe bigger than our thigh. And that would be the obvious answer to today's Question. But what about the 1968 Corona we spent most of high school tooling around in? We can't just dis that baby blue beaut. Or how about one of our favorite sleeper designs of the last 20 years, the Lexus SC400? Talk about understated cool. And we haven't even driven the IS-F. Yet.