When we posted the video of the Non-dancing Chevrolet Aveo, it wasn't our intention to launch a conversation on the various merits of cheap cars. But since everyone is so excited about comparing Aveos to Scions and Citroens to Skodas we'll seize the zeitgeist and continue it here. And we understand this might be a difficult question since we're asking about "new" vehicles and some of you could easily get 30 cars for that price, but there are people out there who buy new vehicles. Shockingly, more than a few of them read this site and some of them aren't going to buy a Veyron.

So here are the parameters, you've got the arbitrary amount of $15,000 dollars to spend, after rebates but without any trade-ins or any fuzzy math. The car has to be new and, if you're going to come under MSRP, you better supply the details as to how you're doing it. The whole world is open so try and use the latest currency conversions to bring it back to the US Dollar, which will greatly limit you with European cars. When supporting your decision feel free to use mileage, resale value, fun factor, power and hilarious foreign names as factors.