What's Your Favorite Special Edition Trend Car?

Automakers love to tie their cars to other companies, sports teams and trends. There was a time when you couldn't walk three feet without bumping into an Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer or an L.L. Bean Subaru Outback. We're personally fond of the Jeans Edition VW, which is just that much cooler than the Warriors in Pink Mustangs. And this isn't just an American experience, even French newspapers have custom Renaults.


Even bikes get in on the action. A Fiat Edition Yamaha anyone? Or the reverse:Harley-themed F-150. The best we can come up with is the Levi's Edition AMC Gremlin. Nothing better on a hot day then some denim-on-denim goodness, or as the company said "Designed to appeal to young men and women who enjoy the casual look in clothes and cars, this 1973 American Motors Gremlin will offer a blue jean interior with a special "Levi's" optional trim package." Awesome.

That's what we could come up with in ten minutes. There have to be 30 or 40 special edition Mustangs we totally forgot about. What are your favorites? What are the worst? What are the best?

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