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Our homeboy, Automobile writer Ezra Dyer got it on with the Gray Lady, penning a piece for the NY Times on Ford's cross-branded F150 Harley Davidson pickup. Obviously, ol' Ez was called in to add a dash of youthful color to the Times's notoriously wife-and-kids car reviews. His job (sure, he accepted it) was to translate the latest Harley edition F150 SuperCab pickup โ€” which bypasses HD's lucrative aftermarket business by factory-installing a billet-style grille, Harley badging, supercharged 340-hp V8 and full-time all-wheel drive (it's the only F150 with that option) โ€” for those whose last car ride was a post-midnight grope in the back of a cab.

And while the Harley F-150 offers tough-truck options like skid plates and towing package, you'll see one on a job site when you see I-beams being welded by the Construction Worker from the Village People.

Oh, he's perfect for the job.

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