Not every car is, or should be, equipped with a USB port. Besides, listening to your iPod constantly just limits your possibilities. Radio is romantic. Radio is new. Radio is interactive. What's your favorite radio station?

With the exception of Sirius/XM, radio is a regional and local experience, so we've polled our staff for geographically inspired answers. As an industry nerd, Ray Wert picked WWJ 950 AM in Detroit so he could tune into Jeff Gilbert's auto news. Ben listens to WDET Detroit Public Radio because he's a 72-year-old man. I'm a big fan of KTRU in Houston, which is a fantastic and eclectic mix of new hip-hop, old Saturday morning cartoon music, college baseball, Reggae, and whatever else the DJs can find. It's so awesome the school's trying to shut it down.

What do you tune into when you hop in the car?

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