What's Your Favorite Racecar?

Herr Wert's earlier post about the $9.275 million Ferrari got me thinking about all kinds of stuff. First, of course, is that car worth that much scratch? Sure, it won Le Mans, but what was it running against? A bunch of GTOs and E-Types. Big whoop. And, the only other cars in its class — +3.0-liter Experimental — were two Maserati Tipos and a Ferrari 330LM GTO. And none of them finished the race. So, according to one reporter's opinion, that 330 TRI/LM ain't worth the money. However, there are some Le Mans racing machines that to me, would not only be worth the filthy lucre, but are also my favorite racecars. I am having trouble picking just one, though.


The race was the 1964 outing. The two cars were the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe and the Ferrari 250 GTO. The Shelby of course proved to be the superior vehicle, winning the GT class and placing fourth overall. And, like Homer Simpson said of David Schwimmer, the Daytona is handsome in an ugly sort of way. Especially that Kamm-tail. But next to the 250 GTO, Shelby's car looks like the dog's breakfast. And the Ferrari finished 5th. So, I pick two. You?

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