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With Pumpkins and the DARPA Grand Challenge this past weekend, 24 Hours of LeMons last weekend, the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion the weekend before that and the addition of Girl on Race Cars, El Jalop has had racing on the brain as of late. As we should. As Hottie Martin, Plymsole and myself kept saying to each other at the Pumpkin Smash, "This is the heart of America." And as every other person in the stands was quick to point, "Way better than NASCAR." Actually, if you think about it, Pumpkins is nothing but a bizarro version of NASCAR, what with all the Monte Carlos running around the track. Though at the Pumpkin Smash there is a major accident every quarter of a lap, as opposed to whatever the accident rate is at NASCAR events. Plus Mohawks. As such, I'm voting for the Pumpkin Smash as my favorite race, just as Bumbeck jealously predicted. You?


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