Check Out How Hot Murilee Is

We just had to post this one. While you all saw that yeah, sure, Mr. Martin is indeed a man, not everyone buys into that theory. We snapped this one at the Altamont Pumpkin Smash — for the ladies. Why yes little miss thang, that is the timeless Hawaiian shirt/fedora wild and crazy guy combo. Ray-Ban Wayfarers, too. Oh, and for you car geeks there appears to be some sort of cherry Plymouth Belvedere with dual pipes and a 360 towing a trailer. But, we'd rather talk about Murilee. Really? You'd rather talk cars? Fine, then make the jump...


Here's another portrait. The light was fantastic just prior to the start of the Smash so we tried to get as much shot as possible. That's a father and son team out of Modesto with a ringer the sweetest sounding car there. It's hard to beat a 350 Chevy, sonically speaking.

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