Rumors of Chrysler merging into Lancia is a sad reminder of where the company is right now. Let's get happy and remember a better time. What's your favorite pre-Fiat Mopar?

Despite our constant ribbing of their new products, there was a long debate over which older product to select so this is less of a consensus pick and more of a nod towards a time when the company put out unique, hi-po cars little boys and girls drooled over. The first-generation Dodge Super Bee was a mean, tough, fast and brutish alternative to the dainty Mustang. The don't-mess-with-me grille sent a message its power could back up. Sold with a variety of screaming Mopar powerplants your choices ranged from a 335 HP 383 V8 to the 425 HP Hemi and, of course, the ginormous 440 pumping out 390 HP.

You know the car in your nightmares you can't seem to outrun? This is it. The 426 could go 0-to-60 MPH in just 5.3 seconds and it did so in a deafening roar.


Oh, but there are so many wonderful Chrysler products. Pick your favorite. Pick your three favorite. Fill these pages with the good so we may forget the bad.

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