What's Your Favorite Early '90s Car?

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Our pal Austin is currently on assignment for another pub, driving from one place to another, a la Nicholson in About Schmidt, only sans Winnebago. But we got talking about the early-to-mid '90s while he's been in transit, and agreed that the time was the beginning of a renaissance in cars. We owned a '90 Acura Legend for years, and it reminded us of Jeremy Clarkson's musings on the Mitsubishi Starion: "Do you know what this feels like? It feels like a car. A car that you would go into a showroom and buy."


And it's true. The period between roughly 1987 and 1995 was an exciting time; when Japanese cars stopped feeling like shitboxes, Americans figured out how to get their muscle back, and the Germans were at the top of their game, but before cars started to suffer from the bloat that requires all manner of electro-goofiness to hide, and the increasing demand for luxury options and more rigid safety standards that've turned many of today's vehicles into rolling cocoons made of shitty plastic.


With that in mind, why not comment on (or e-mail to tips@jalopnik.com) your favorite vehicle from the time. Include justification, please.

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my favorite car is a motorcycle

Ferrari 348 GTS

There is simply nothing that compares with a mid-engine grand turisimo, and the McLaren F1 was a "late 1990's" car.