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Don't adjust your dials folks, we haven't warped into another universe or back to late 2005 and another website. My name is Mike Austin and l'll be filling in for Davey G. this week. He has already transferred his love of Caminos to me telepathically, so coverage of all things both car and truck will continue uninterrupted. In case folks are worried about my Jalopnik street-cred, here's a few things you should know:

When the magazine formerly known as mph, and now known as defunct folded, I was in Germany. I first found out I would be coming home without a job while checking out Jalopnik on my BlackBerry phone. I mean, seriously, how many of us can actually claim to have found out they've lost their job through Jalopnik. I mean, other than like 30,000 Ford and GM employees. In addition, I show my crazy love through making myself a Subieyota t-shirt. So I've either got mad respect for the Jalop or I'm obsessively stalking Spinelli.

But those are my Jalop credentials, but in case you're wondering about the real stuff, I used to be the Road Test Editor at mph Magazine, which means there are now two former mph-ers subbing at Jalopnik. It's like Thomas and I are part of some crazy auto journalist temp agency. Check back this week as Ray and I set up the "official" Jalopnik offices here in Metro Detroit and quickly get to the task of doing absolutely no good.