The standard-issue olive green 1942 Pontiac Torpedo from this morning's DOTS and the Post-Apocalyptic vehicle poll got us thinking about the vehicles that serve so bravely in war. On one hand there are the classic Jeeps of WWII. Then there is the modern and much safer International Maxxpro. Those are trucks. What about tanks? In Alamein to Zem Zem, the poet Keith Douglas describes his experience in the African desert in an Mk. III Crusader

"To see these tanks crossing country at speed was a thrill which seemed inexhaustible — many times it encouraged us, and we were very proud of our Crusaders; though we often had cause to curse them."

Where do you fall in?A Tank? An Amphibious Vehicle? An Armet Gurkha? We're partial to the DUKW ourselves. What's your all-time favorite military land vehicle?