1942 Pontiac Torpedo

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There must be a long and complicated story behind this car, which I've seen around town for many years, but all I know for sure is that its owner once owned a 40s-memorabilia shop downtown and still drives the car regularly. You don't see many 1942 model American cars, since those pre-Starion Mitsubishis and their Pearl Harbor drive-by caused what few '42s were manufactured to be drafted for military service. This '42 sports full military regalia and lives full-time on the street in Alameda's East End.

It's got the sirens, blackout lights, and other goodies the well-equipped Pontiac-driving Army officer needed back in the day.


It's good to get another 40s vehicle in this series; this is the fourth (after the '45 Jeep, '47 Plymouth, and '49 International Harvester).


This Chief Pontiac hood ornament isn't quite as cool as the one on the 1950 Pontiac Chieftan, but it's still one of my favorites.


Check out the vintage radiotelephone in there- I sure hope it's functional. Dog Oboe Tare Sail!

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