The real problem with doing DOTS Truck Monday is that International Harvester trucks are too hard to find. We saw the '80 Scout last month, and there's another Scout on deck, but where are the IHC pickup trucks? That's why I was overjoyed to spot this 60-year-old work truck parked in front of a Gold Coast mansion that was getting some concrete work done. Yes, contractors in Alameda drive trucks handed down to them by their grandpappies!

This could be a '47, '48, or '49 model truck, those being the years of the KB-2; I'm arbitrarily choosing 1948.


The KB-2 came with an 82-horse flathead six, no doubt the same engine installed in their Farmall tractors. You could haul equipment around the farm all day and then take the KB-2 into town for some honky-tonkin' good times.

But... where's the cup holder?


A cement mixer and a gas can in the bed. The cumulative cargo hauled by this truck in its lifetime would probably sink a container ship!

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