We tend to think of bad drivers as the ones who charge down the road, wrecking everything in their path. Is it just as bad to be too courteous?


While we were giving advice on how to drive, Chairman Kaga brought up the kind of bad driving he sees all-too-often.

[Aggressively driving down the shoulder] tends to happen on entry ramps where there's a single lane of traffic (which I'm in) that's merging onto another roadway, and other drivers decide to move onto the shoulder and just drive all the way down the ramp. Highly illegal, but no one ever stops them, although from time to time another car will move over to block the shoulder. I've seen a couple of nasty accidents because of this. One time a cop was on the shoulder zapping cars, and some douchenozzle in a Ram was FLYING down the ramp three times the speed of the flow of traffic, and totaled the cop car WHILE the cop was in it. Bad scene.

That's just how Texans drive.

Things were different for sbrugsxrpdx2, who lives in the moldy rain-prison called the Pacific Northwest.


Coming from the polar opposite in the pacific northwest, where people are too polite to the first to go at stop signs, and all pile into one right turn lane when there are two (literally 100 cars in one lane, 2 in the other) rather than appear to cut in line (infuriating!) I'm torn. On one hand it's gone too far in Texas, that's crazy, on the other hand it sounds like people drive like they have somewhere to be. I think on the whole I'd take Texas.

Come take a cruise around Portland sometime. People will drive onto the hard shoulder not to get ahead, but because they tried to merge into traffic at 35mph, too afraid to put their foot down and accelerate, and were pushed off the road by traffic. You can sit at aforementioned stop sign for 45 seconds while two people move forward, stop, wave politely, both move forward, stop, wave politely, and so on.

And the left lane.... oh god.

So what do you think is worse: overly aggressive driving or overly cautious driving?

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