What's Up With This McLaren 650S Spider Prototype?

(Photo Credits: Scarfone Photography)

What appears to be a McLaren 650S Spider rigged up for development testing has reportedly been spotted on the mountain roads of Spain. Is there a new variant in the pipeline?

Top: Production McLaren 650S Spyder, Bottom: Spotted car. (Photo Credits: McLaren/Scarfone Photography)

Reader Lucas Scarfone tells us he spotted this car Priorat area of Spain (a little west of Barcelona) with “...lots of sensors and modifications. Interior was all covered as well, as soon as the driver saw me taking photos he took off.”

In profile it’s a 650S Spider but the round exhaust pipes, partially dismantled engine cover and removed McLaren badges has me intrigued that the company might be planning some upgrades for its drop top, even with its replacement already looking to be in advanced stages of development.


The McLaren 650S Spider is already rated to a top speed of 204 MPH, so I’m not sure how much more running room it really needs but maybe the work we’re seeing here is more about making noise or efficiency.

Our sources who usually know about this sort of thing couldn’t offer anything up about this one, either, which makes it all the more perplexing.


Look closely– see anything else odd or interesting about this little mule?

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