What's The Worst Special Edition Car?

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We learned today the California Special returns for the 2011 Mustang, making it the 3,457th special edition 'Stang. Being mostly trim-unt-wheels, we don't really see the draw, begging the question: what's the worst special edition car?

In our minds, the worst is the King King Crew Member Edition VW Touareg. That's right, you're forking out money not to have a vehicle driven by a star of King Kong, nor a vehicle robust enough to tackle King Kong's island, but rather a vehicle designed to mimic what a crew member of the film King Kong drove around in to get Peter Jackson coffee and donuts. For $57,000. And if the indignity of actually paying that much money to remember a movie unloved by most wasn't enough, you also get a giant embarrassing King Kong logo on the B-pillar reminding people this isn't just an expensive VW, it's an expensive VW driven by a moron.


That's bad, there may be worse, what's worse than that?

BTW, pictured is the StudioTorino Fiat 500 Diabolik, a close runner up.

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Jonathan Harper

Any mustang or corvette variant that doesn't change the performance WHATSOEVER.