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What's The Worst Movie Car Of All Time?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Worst Movie Car Of All Time?

It's clear what the worst car movies are, but what about the least appropriate star cars? Does it make sense that everyone drives poor-handling muscle cars? Why not sports cars?


We're doing a week of questions and AOTDs inspired by the Jalopnik Film Festival, so if you have movie-related posts you'd like to see you can also suggest them below and if you haven't already buy tickets here.


This question, with all its complexity, was inspired by Deadspin's Tim Burke, who writes:

I had an idea. If you've done it before in AOTD then ignore, but I was thinking about how many famous cars in fiction, video games, TV, & movies are actually really poor choices for the person or the time or the place that they are driving them. Like, the Duke boys had a 69 Charger, which was fine for their moonshining days but those days were over by the time the show started. For all their exploits during that series, they'd have been much better served by, like, a Stratos HF or maybe an Escort Twin Cam, given that they were never ever driving on actual roads. You'd have to limit it to whatever was available at the time the action is set. A poor-handling, heavy muscle car is not ideal for their daily purposes.

Ditto for Starsky & Hutch. Some movies get it right, probably, like Ronin? I have a feeling that "M5" might be the right answer to many of the missed opportunities. I mean, the Minis were iconic to both italian job movies but wouldn't something a bit bigger have been better? or perhaps i mean smaller, but faster? i dunno.

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This car. Boring, lame, and a shitty movie to boot. (The Wraith)