What's The Worst Driving Advice You've Ever Given?

As we found out watching Kimi the driving instructor mumble his way into a crash today, giving directions on how to drive is hard. What's the worst you've done?

TheCrudMan piped up to Kimi's defense, saying he hadn't done any better himself.

My instruction to my friend at autocross was pretty bad as well. (I'm not the best driver myself...)

"Throttle throttle throttle...brakes maybe I don't know? Look ahead. Keep looking ahead. Woah look at that bird! You're doing great! No! No! You suck! FULL THROTTLE NOW!!!! Turn! Turn! No no no straight! Keep doing what you're doing! NOW DON'T!"


I purposefully don't give advice on how to drive my VW, leaving people to figure out where first gear is on their own , just like how I did. Hint: it's not where you think it is.

I did, however, once tell a friend that you should always brake before a corner to transfer weight to the front wheels, giving my buddy enough confidence to plow a minivan off the road and into a sand bank somewhere near the Mexican border.

We've already covered the worst kinds of forum advice, and the worst car buying advice, but what's the worst driving advice you've ever given?

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