We learned last week a Scion xB is surprisingly adept at outmaneuvering police interceptors. Though slow, the crazy driver could have done worse. Right? What's the worst car to lead a police chase in?

We like to beat on the Chrysler Sebring Convertible all the time. It deserves it. A bright red one would also probably be the worst car to take on a police chase. Why? In addition to being slow, the car is so ugly it's conspicuous. Make sure to drive with the top down so the folks in the police/news helicopters can get a good picture of you. Want to drive around the police like you're in Ronin? Not likely. Unless you're a skilled enough driver to make the torque steer seem intentional, you're going to get steered towards the wall every time you deign to step on the gas. Finally, when you do get caught (and you will get caught) you'll have to suffer the embarrassment of getting popped in such an ugly piece of car.

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