Clarkson Drives Sebring Convertible, Declares It "Worst Car In The Entire World"

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Back when we shared the tale of the Perodua Kelisa-driving holdup men, some commenters took issue with the claim that the cheap Malaysian subcompact was #1 on Jeremy Clarkson's Most Hated Cars list. Fair enough- Clarkson hates a lot of cars… but his loathing for the Chrysler Sebring convertible plumbs new depths of bile. American cars (and foreign policy) are bad because Americans have no sense of history, according to Clarkson, and the Sebring is worst of all: "The insurgency problem in Baghdad and the wonky gearlever on the Chrysler Sebring. They are both caused by exactly the same thing." Too bad we don't know any history, or we'd be able to come back with some clever cracks about the map-drawing Brits who drew up the crazily arbitrary national boundaries that facilitate such lively ethnic conflict in the Middle East, the Balkans, and South Asia today. [Times Of London]

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October 6, 2008

Jalopnik Commenters

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Jalopnik, The Internet

Dear Jalopnik Commenters:

Lighten up. No seriously, lighten up. Y'all have gotten pretty darned testy these past few weeks. Maybe it's the financial thing. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the VD. I don't know. But gee whiz, folks, you're being bitter and angry at everything and everybody these days. From Clarkson (if you take him seriously, the joke's on you by the way) to the editors here to the things posted to your fellow commenters...people are just going off.

If you want to take someone or something to task, at least be funny or interesting. Is that too much to ask?


Pete Gaines