What's The Worst Automaker Logo?

Recently, after Fiat scraped up the remaining change from the company tip jar and bought the rest of Chrysler, they released a new logo for the joint company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. They managed to make something forgettable, bland, and free from any of their combined histories. It's almost impressive, if you like things that suck.

Seriously, that new logo up there, with the main letters that don't quite line up like they should, has been estimated to have taken nearly three hours and cost the company what experts calculate to be something on the order of $350 dollars. Easily.


I mean, for companies that both have an array of distinctive and compelling logos, how did they manage to come up with something that looks like what a Chinese agro-company that makes sorghum distillates would use? I expected more from this union.

Still, I know they're not alone — what do you think the worst auto company (both parent company and individual brands) logo is? Let's see these abominations below!

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