What's The Worst Aftermarket Interior Product?

We've asked you to list off the worst exterior aftermarket accessories and worst "performance" parts. Now we go and feel your car from the inside — what's the worst aftermarket car interior product?


Car interiors are already too cluttered with distractions so choosing just one out of the disturbingly wide array of awful interior products was a challenge (the car visor entertainment center came awfully close!). After much consideration, though, we believe the French Fry Holder is probably the worst. Designed to fit inside your cupholder in the perfect shape for a french fry container, this hits on a big pet peeve: eating greasy food in a car. It's not really a food containment device, it's a little statue dedicated to all of America's failings. It may be made in China, but there's no way anyone but an American (or Canadian) would buy this.

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