What's The Worst Aftermarket Exterior Upgrade?

Yesterday, we held court on the worst aftermarket performance upgrades. Today, we move outside the car to ask: what's the worst aftermarket exterior upgrade?


The cheapest and best aftermarket visual upgrade is, without a doubt, a fresh coat of wax. The worst, in our opinion, is the giant wing on an otherwise unmodified FWD sedan. It screams "I don't understand what this is for, but I'd like you draw your attention to my Hyundai Elantra." A spoiler works by creating a downforce effect which pushes the rear of the car downward. On a RWD car this helps create more traction for the driven wheels. On a fast FWD car, a spoiler can work in concert with other aerodynamic upgrades to keep the car stable at higher speeds. On an unmodified FWD car, it does little-to-no good.

If your Honda Accord comes from the factory with a little spoiler don't rip it off, it probably looks nice and does no harm. If your Honda Accord doesn't come with a spoiler and you're thinking something along the lines of 3rd-gen Supra wing — we have some magic beans to sell you.

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Photo Credit: Ride Judge

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