What's The World's Best Rental Car Company?

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I was going to ask what's the best car sharing program, but there aren't enough of them yet to fill up a good top ten. So in the meantime, what's the best car rental company?

The best car rental experience I've ever had was with my family on a vacation to Italy. We got a double-forehead red Fiat Multipla to fit all five of us, and it fit us well. The problem with all that wide-seat comfort meant that the narrow roads above Lake Como felt extra tight and we scraped the guardrail at least once.

When we brought the car back to the rental agency, we were all sure we'd get a huge bill, but none of the Italians working the counter even seemed to care. I guess a nice long scrape was pretty much expected for driving in Italy, and we didn't get charged a cent.


I can't remember the name of that company, but it'd definitely be my vote for the world's best.

What rental car company the world over do you think offers the best cars, the best rates, the best service?

Photo Credit: Fiat

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