So I was just now looking up three-lug wheels — who really knows why — when I noticed an odd image in my Google image search. The image above, of the guy taking his bikini-clad friend out in his Visa into a grey, damp void so she could get a nice upper-ass tan from the one shaft of sunlight.

Actually, I think I was searching for "three lug wheels citroen," because I was looking for those standard, white, 2CV wheels.

Several things struck me about this image: first, the Citroën Visa convertible is actually pretty cool in a fiercely 80s sort of way — what happened to all the full-framed-door convertibles? They're pretty cool.

Second was the realization that this image is not what I was expecting to see when searching for three-lug wheels. So that gave me an idea. Let's try doing image searches for some basic car parts, and then finding the weirdest image that comes up in the search.

Just post the images down there in the comments. I have a feeling this may turn sort of NSFW after a while, but what the hell. Have at it!