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Hawaiian shirts with cars on them are all tacky and terrible. But which one is the tackiest and terrible-est?

This 40-buck 'Aloha' Route 66 shirt has got to be a strong contender, going on a series of parameters I just made up. A point is added for each time a metric is present on the shirt.

  • Orphaned car maker
  • Non-Mustang/Tri-Five Chevy/Corvette Automobile
  • Palm tree
  • Clashing colors
  • Flowers
  • Flames
  • Route 66
  • Diner
  • California
  • Hawaii

As you can see, the shirt I have nominated scores strongly: it has an Oldsmobile, scoring it two points, several palm trees for another point, Route 66 and California give it two more points for a total of five.

Can you find an even tackier Hawaiian shirt? Post a picture and a link to where it can be purchased.

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