What's The Strangest-Looking Coupe Ever?

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The Mini Coupé has an exterior design that's certainly polarizing, even by coupe conversion standards, but it's far from the most bizarre-looking. Two-door aficionados, rise up! What's the strangest coupe ever?

We hate to drop an atom bomb in QOTD, but behold the Renault Avantime — the coupe version of the Renault Espace minivan with two less doors, 250 horises and a six-speed manual transmission. A grand touring minivan seen by few people outside the realm of Gran Turismo, few people were willing to fork over more money for a french GT minivan and less than 10,000 were built. Still, it's a fantastic and fantastically strange coupe. We dare you to come up with something more odd-looking.


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You win. Only the strangest of cars have horises.