People can be strange and unpredictable sometimes. Add vehicles to that mix, and it’s like throwing a match on gasoline.

Take for instance Darius McCollum, arrested in New York for allegedly stealing a Greyhound Bus. Now, everybody’s fantasized about stealing a Greyhound Bus once or twice, but McCollum also has 29 prior arrests for posing as a transit worker, stealing buses and in at least one case, commandeering the E Train.


That is very strange. But is it the strangest car crime ever? I doubt it. That’s our question of the day: what’s the weirdest car crime in history? What heist, act of vandalism, flouting of speed laws or disregard for vehicular decency baffles you the most?

Take note, would-be criminals. If you learn from these examples, you might just get away with it.

Pictured above: Australia, everybody.

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