What's The Oldest Car You've Ever Driven?

Thanks Jamie! Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove
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Above is a lovely MG 1100, built from 1962 through to 1973. This is a 1960s car and, unless there’s something I’ve forgotten, it’s the oldest car I’ve ever driven.

I adored it because though it was half a century old, it never felt in any way antique. It was more like an old camera or something; it’s not a modern feel, but it’s different and distinct in its own way. The controls are more deliberate and direct.


Much of that was probably down to the loving care for the car by its owner, friend of Jalopnik Jamie Kitman, who keeps it in absolutely immaculate shape.

I’m still sort of surprised I’ve never driven anything older than this mid-60s big not-a-Mini. What’s the oldest car you’ve driven, and what was it like?

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