What's The Nuttiest Thing You've Done To Keep Your Car On The Road?

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There are some cars that you love desperately. You will do anything to keep them alive, completely ignoring social conventions, shame, and financial reasoning.

It also seems like the rarer the car, the more we fall for it. Hand in hand, the rarer the car, the more extreme means you have to reach to just to keep the thing running. Pearl62, for instance, learned this about maintaining a Series FB Vauxhall Victor (pictured above).

I once owned a series FB Victor (same as the VX4/90 above). Since they were never officially imported to the US (they stopped at 61 with the series F) I had one of the very few in the US. It used to get a lot of comments like "nice Valiant", "nice Falcon" or "nice Studebaker". No one knew what a Vauxhall was... The series F was the first car in Europe with curved glass.

It was next to impossible to find any parts at all for that car. Even air and oil filters were no longer made. I once found a guy in Pakistan that had oil filters made from scratch just to keep his alive.

It was a fun car to drive, too.

The nuttiest thing I've done to keep my car running is electrocute myself by wiring my spark plugs to my distributor via my jumper cables. To what ends have you ever gone to keep your most beloved car running?


Photo Credit: Pearl62