Automakers share designs to save money and fill gaps in their lineups, but there's a difference between "platform sharing" and "platform prostitution." What's the most whored-out automotive platform?

Did you know there was a Vauxhall version of the Isuzu Rodeo? We didn't until a Vauxhall Fronter showed up in today's To Catch A Theif: Street View Edition post. And that's not all. It's common knowledge the Rodeo was also the Honda Passport in the United States and the basis for the smaller Isuzu Amigo. Now we know it was a Vauxhall Frontera and an Opel Frontera. But why stop there? In Australia there was a Holden Frontera. In South America and Egypt it was a Chevy Rodeo. In Japan, the Isuzu MU and Isuzu Wizard. Confusingly, Isuzu also used the Frontier name in certain South American markets.


Our favorite? The licensed Chinese copy Jiangling Landwind, the only SUV to fail every single ADAC crash test.


Throw on your rubbers and help us find these automotive platforms turning tricks.

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