Victim Spots Thief On Google Street View

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A resident of Derbyshire, England was out one camper and the local police were out of leads. Until the victim noticed a peculiar sight on Google Street View: a dude in an SUV stealing his camper.

This Google Street View image shows a clear photo of a balding man with a Vauxhall Frontera (also known as the Isuzu Amigo) parked next to the camper in the victim's driveway. Police released the photo in the hopes that someone knows who this person is, because they say the license plates are blocked out (Google couldn't help out there?).

Looking at the photo, we're not sure we'd want the camper back because the guy is clearly either pulling his pants on or pulling them off.


(Hat tip to Ian!)


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Mickey's mom won't like this one. It's not periwinkle blue. She's terribly fond of periwinkle blue.