What's The Most Unsupportive Car Company?

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Some car companies bend over backwards to help enthusiasts get their hands on sporty cars, track them, and race them. Other car companies? Not so much.


We were talking about the maybe-it's-dead, maybe-it's-not Mitsubishi Evo when Bryce Womeldurf explained why he's not holding out much hope. Nor is he that distraught, because Mitsubishi already broke his heart before.

I used to be very worried about this, but then I sold my Lancer and got realistic about the cost of owning an Evo. Then the dream sort of died and I stopped caring. Would it be nice to see another Evo? I suppose it would, but the Evo X is a vastly different car than it's suped-up econobox rally car forefathers. It's gone upmarket. Which means I have virtually no chance of buying one any time soon.

And the used Evo market left me a big jaded. Dream of buying a used, low miles, stock Evo? Better be ready to sell some organs, because everything affordable is modified and who knows if the guy turning the wrench knew what he was doing.

On top of that, Mitsubishi doesn't really help the matter. They made all of this marketing hoopla when the new Lancer debuted and then nothing. No word on an Evo successor aside from rumors like this. From what I've read, they didn't even want to bring the Evo VIII to U.S. shores. They only did because they didn't want Subaru to be making all of the money over here with the WRX. It's like Mitsubishi is the antithesis of Mazda, which by the way has stolen my heart. I'd love to get a gray market Evo VII some day, but that's a long long ways away. Until then, I'll enjoy my Miata and associating myself with a car company that actually loves its enthusiasts.

So this has me wondering - what car company is least supportive of its fans and hard-driving enthusiasts? Surely Mitsubishi can't be the worst out there.

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