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What's The Most Unlikely Offroader Ever Made?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Most Unlikely Offroader Ever Made?

If you want a capable and sensible offroader, get yourself a Jeep, a truck, a buggy. Or, you know, don’t.


There are all kinds of bizarrely-lifted and sorta-prepped offroaders out there. My ‘73 Baja Bug comes to mind. It might have started life as a Nazi family highway cruiser. But its rear engine and stout construction meant that it works as a somewhat usable dirt platform. Mine just has cut fenders, new shocks, wheels, and tires. That and it’s such a rustbucket under the skin I don’t mind getting it scratched up or bent.

What’s the most unlikely offroader you’ve ever seen?

Photo Credit: Andrew Collins


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Porsche 911

Low slung, ill tempered, ass engined Nazi slot car? Let’s jack it up and run it offroad!

And it works pretty well, too.