We're resurrecting one of our favorite QOTDs today and asking you to use automaker online car configurators to jack up the price on a new car and determine: what's the most outrageous new car MSRP?

We discovered earlier in the week that the Ford Flex Titanium can be optioned all the way up to $54,491. It's a lot of money for a limited edition domestic crossover. But the slightly more ridiculous option is the regular non-Titanium Flex Limited, which you can also upgrade by $10K to $54K. The real key here to the price increase, other than the obvious EcoBoost engine upgrade, includes the $2,307 polished forged wheels and $1,900 DVD entertainment system.

It's a lot of moolah, but we're sure you can do better. Also, screencaps or it didn't happen.


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