During the 2008 Dodge Challenger reveal, Chrysler said a few interesting things. We were told the new Challenger was faster than a BMW M5 (true only because the M5 is electronically limited)(1). We were told the Challenger had more torque than a Porsche 911 Turbo (2)(off by 40 lb.-ft). Finally, we were told It's as inexpensive as a fully-loaded Honda Accord (3)(almost true). While we were listening to him we built our own Honda Accord with every stupid option you could imagine and, lo and behold, it was worth $37,853 (still cheaper than the $37,995 MSRP for a Challenger, but not by much). This got us thinking about other ridiculous cars you could build, by MSRP. That's where you come in.

The person who can build the most outrageously overpriced vehicle on a the "Build Your Own" section of an automaker website and provide proof in a comment (screengrab or link, or link to screengrab) will win the Suzuki Automoblox we got at the Suzuki Equator launch.

Remember, we're looking for outrage not highest price. We all expect a Maserati to be expensive. No one expects a Kia to cost $50,000. Best of luck.