Non-car people. Sure, we have to interact with them every day, shaking our heads in disgust and pity as they curb-scrape their 2009 Corollas with clouded headlights into parking places. Sometimes, though, a car passes by which draws the attention of even these poor car-blind folks. What are those cars?

For something to catch the attention of a person who just doesn't give a rat's rectum about cars, it usually has to be pretty dramatic. Often it can't be too overtly car-aggressive, like a Countach or something, because that can turn non-car folks off, too. It has to have that right mix of beauty, drama, and presence.

That's why I'd say the Jaguar E-Type is the one that gets most car-ignoring wheel-blind bastard to wake up. There's just no way to ignore one, even if your idea of exciting driving is being "grounded to the ground."

What would you pick?